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You know that you have found your dream when you have the desire to reach a goal, you have the courage to pursue it, you have the courage to overcome all the obstacles in your path, and you feel blessed when you finally realize it. Dream on, keep it up and let it bear fruit.

  • 2016

    oprichting scopeweb
    The launch of scopeweb
    The start of scopeweb - Stephan Moerman and Ray De Jesus decide to turn New York City upside down with incredibly beautiful products at affordable rates with a lightning-fast go-to-market strategy for every MVP startup.
  • 2018
    doorbraak scopeweb
    Our breakthrough
    Scopeweb has been growing steadily for two years and decides to conquer the European market. Scopeweb kicks off a partnership with Haven and lays the core business focus on building startups. Because of this hyper growth, Stephan and Ray decide to build a remote team with employees from all over the world.
  • 2019
    scopeweb Nederland
    The Dutch market
    In 2019 scopeweb starts focusing on the Dutch market, because of the growing interest in startups in the Netherlands. Because scopeweb has an international team, we have the expertise that can cover every aspect from concept to realization. In this year the team has been expanded with many new experts in the field of design & development.

Together with beautiful brands honest hard work

Because conquering the internet is addictive for both our customers and our team.

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