- Catering platform casestudy


Together with a Rotterdam based entrepreneur we have taken up the challenge to design & develop the go-to catering platform of the Netherlands.

Stephan Moerman ensures that online catering orders becomes accessible to everyone: both consumers and businesses, together with various caterers. The mission? Develop and maintain the best catering platform in the world. That is why you can easily and quickly order a caterer at within a few clicks. At any time of the day.

Tags Platform, NodeJS, Catering


Our solution

The website must be user-friendly for both caterers and ordering consumers. has an extensive dashboard for caterers where it is easy to see which orders have been placed, in addition to transactional email notifications. In addition, caterers can manage their own menu, upload images and easily make changes.
Intuitive approval process in the admin dashboard to verify new caterers, with a well-designed transaction/order dashboard.
We have built a customized dashboard for where every transaction is immediately visible. Each admin can immediately find the transaction amount, the status of the order and the percentage (amount) that goes to the platform to cover the costs. In a separate section within the admin environment, an admin can review new caterers, verify company data and check the menu for any errors.


The platform was launched in Q3 2019 and has since been working on its growth by attracting new caterers and adding new features. Scopeweb continues to support the platform through updates, insights into marketing results and tips & tricks that benefit the SEO ranking.