GivEasy - Donation platform casestudy


GivEasy was conceived during a hackathon in New York City. With our interest in helping people, we have built GivEasy to make donations frictionless.

Ray Antonio

GivEasy ensures that registered charities have access to local donors. With a modern dashboard, charities can send a volunteer to collect the donations, canned food and clothing, from the donor at the desired time & location. Donors can indicate what they donate, by means of photos or descriptions, after which a foundation/charity can claim this donation.

Tags Platform, NodeJS, Charity


Our solution

User-friendly experience for both donor and foundation/charities to easily find and claim new donations.
GivEasy has an extensive dashboard for each registered foundation/charity, making it easy to see which donations are available, at what distance and the volume of the donation. Then through the mobile friendly website, a foundation/charity can send a volunteer to collect the orders.
Geolocation technology to link donor & recipient on the basis of a georadius & location.
GivEasy uses a custom integration developed by scopeweb that securely processes and stores location data. A first radius is determined by means of a Google Maps API link, after which the algorithm developed by scopeweb makes the definitive link between donor & foundation/charities in his/her environment.


Although this project has stood still for the past 6 months, we want to reboot it in the summer of 2020 with a stronger iteration and a larger marketing campaign. With a large remote team we also want to launch the platform outside the US.