Haven Android & iOS App casestudy


Together with a New York-based startup, we have taken on the challenge of designing and building an intuitive, community-driven app.

Ray Antonio

Haven originated from the founders vision to bring people closer together through community events in your local area. Because everyone has become increasingly individualistic nowadays, this was a tough challenge and it was very important that it should be accessible to everyone

Tags Android, iOS, App Development


Our solution

The app must be user-friendly and easy to manage, update and release on both the Android and iOS platform.
The App is built in the React Native framework which makes it possible to develop a single codebase for both Android and iOS with relatively few platform specific tweaks. This makes it possible to quickly develop new features for both iOS and Android.
Secure authentication with age control. The possibility to link users per region.
We have built a customized NodeJS backend for Haven and make use of JWT authentication. On top of the RESTful authentication API we have built a customized refresh token system so that authentication is required only once, unless a new login detection is detected. In addition, GPS location is used to match users to local events.


The Haven app will launch in early 2020 and will be rolled out in phases in the US and Europe. In the beginning, a closed beta will be run with a group of 500 test users, after which the app will be fully launched in the following quarter.